Our residential and industrial gutters easily collect and deliver water from large roof areas.


Product Advantages:


  • Aluminium / colour bond gutters require no maintenance
  • Aluminium / colour bond gutters are factory guaranteed for 20 years
  • They are completely waterproof, since they have no joints or seams
  • Aluminium / colour bond gutters have a natural corrosive resistance
  • Gutters are lightweight
  • Gutters are available in multi-colours that blend in and lend a professional finish to your home or development.

Installing fascias is recommended as they complete the overall look of your house and ensure that gutters look neat.

Fascias are available in the following sizes:
12 mm x 225 mm, 15mm x 225 mm and 15 mm x 150 mm


Steel Fascias

We also do custom Aluminium / Colour bond fascias to match our guttering system.

Product Installation

  • The Aluminium/colour bond gutters are manufactured on your premises
    and all the joining and tracking components are rust proof
  • The gutters are mechanically roll formed to any length to minimize joints
  • The gutters are attached to all eaves by means of internal tacking components consisting of internal Aluminium brackets,
  • self drilling screws or 3inch serrated nails drilled 650mm apart.

Our Gutters have an Ogee profile and are produced in two profile sizes, the 125 mm or the larger 150 mm.


Our residential and industrial gutters
easily collect and deliver water from large roof areas.




We at La3our Rate Gutter Division specialize in comprehensive, integrated water control solutions including the design, installation, repair and maintenance of all types of gutters, fascias

La3our Rate Gutter Division can custom manufacture gutters, roofs and water management systems to the specific requirements of individual clients. We plan, design and install gutters in closest
so-operation with you, the client from inception to completion.

La3our Rate Gutter Division offer a full range of guttering designs, colours and textures that are functional as well as attractive, and that enhance the appearance of your home.

La3our Rate Gutter Division serve clients from all economic sectors ranging from private residential home owners to commercial enterprises, factories, offices and shopping malls. Testimonies of our excellence are dotted across North west and most other provinces across South Africa.

Our quality work, unbeatable pricing, hands-on delivery and commitment to client satisfaction have earned.

We have the expertise and competence to perform on site diagnostic investigations on your roofing problems and provide professional advice for immediate emergency as well as long term solutions. We also offer long term maintenance service contracts