Auto Motive Cables




Automotive Cables


La3our Rate Trading Automotive Cable Division is able to produce any control cable for any vehicle either on a production scale or once off basis as required.

Some cables in the range include Accelerator, Speedo/Tacho, Brake, Clutch, Bonnet/Boot, Stopper, PTO, tailgate and seat controls.

Because of stringent in house quality control systems, all products carry a factory warranty covering workmanship and material.

With La3our Rate Trading Automotive Cable Division design capabilities and expertise, assistance is offered to Vehicle Manufacturers in the design and selection of controls and cable assemblies on.

  • Motorcycles,

  • Old cars,

  • Mules,

  • Quads,

  • Bakkies,

  • Trucks,

  • Motor vehicles,

  • Busses

La3our Rate Trading Automotive Cable Division produces a full range of Push Pull cable assemblies to international standards. From ultra-light duty load to extra heavy duty load requirements. Typical examples are

  • Marine gear and throttle cables,

  • Forward/reverse BOMAG control cables,

  • Control cables for concrete floaters,

  • Road construction machinery,

  • Vernier controls for remote throttle controls for Fire Tenders,

  • Cement Mixing trucks,

  • Mobile cranes.

  • Aircraft mixture,

  • Pitch and throttle controls are produced to order for a specific sector of the aviation market.  

In the fields of interior design, curtain hangers, retail display and visual communication, La3our Rate Trading Automotive Cable Division fills the need for a transparent, versatile cable suspension system. The emphasis on high quality, functional components permits one to create designs that achieve dramatic results. Balustrade assemblies made up for DIY and contractors.



  • Automotive Cables (cont.)

Custom fittings manufactured for specialised application.

Range of curtain hanging cables and accessories available for DIY and contractors.

Applications include balustrade cables, shelf hanging cable assemblies and fittings and attractive display arrangements for Hotels, Restaurants, Shop Fronts, Bars, Gymnasiums, etc. High quality polished stainless steel material is used to ensure durability and a striking appearance. Custom designs or made to order as required with a wide variey of end fittings and cable constructions to choose from. Galvanized material may be used to create appropriate effects