La3our Rate Trading has been doing services from 2004 for International Company’s. To that end, the company's motto is "Let us show you our P.R.I.D.E." P - professionalism R - respect I - integrity D - dedication E - experience Through our involvement we are committed to providing our clients with the best possible services and up-to-date techniques and information through up-grading our skills and level of education. As committed professionals, we hold ourselves to an industry recognized set of standards and ethics. This can be seen through our industry certifications and commitment to excellence in customer service. We will work with you from budget to completion to make your project a success and an experience you will remember. Put our commitment to the test and allow us to create and enhance the possibilities envisioned by you and brought to life by the talents of our team of professionals.


Through professional management of human resources services Provided to Company “building strong values to my customers and to myself and your employees for the future.

We expect and demand the best we have to offer by always keeping La3our Rate Trading values and cost effective services provider in South Africa.


A cost effective, highly skilled, productive and efficient workforce.

Fair and lawful treatment of all employees.

Highly effective supervisors, leaders and managers.

Operational excellence in the delivery of all Service


  • Building Maintenance and Refurbishment

  • Landscaping and Multi-Purpose Courts and sport fields

  • Gutters Division

  • Automotive Cables

  • Mechanical Repair and Maintenance on Fleet.

  • PPE Safety Suppliers

  • Payroll and HR Outsource

Description of services we offer.

  • Building Maintenance and Refurbishment

We  at La3our Rate Building Maintenance and Refurbishment Division have been in this business core since 2013 and over the time we have gained wide range of experience in the different fields of building maintenance and refurbishment. Furthermore, in our effort to always strive for service excellence.

We have well-trained and well-motivated employees so that we can provide our clients with the Highest Quality of service that they deserve.